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How can DuPont™ help?

If you are the Safety Manager or lead a team of workers that might face electric arc hazard, you are ultimately responsible for specifying the correct protective garment. This is a challenging task, but we are here to support you in the process. We can help with preparing the specifications for protective clothing by assessing the hazards your workers face, and with selecting the right fabric and garment to address them.

If you are involved in working with electrical installations, your safety is non-negotiable. However, even with rigorous training and the strict application of proven procedures, it is impossible to completely eliminate all risks associated with electricity. Electric shock and electrocution are obvious hazards, but electric arcs also represent a significant danger, with serious potential health consequences.

Electric Arc Flash introduction

My Protection Program in 3 steps

1. Assess your hazard

Safeguard your workers by predicting the severity of arc flash hazards so you can assess and manage risk more effectively.

2. Specify your fabric

It’s essential to select and specify the right fabric before choosing a garment supplier.

3. Select your garment

Specify a customized garment or connect to one of the Nomex® supplier partners.

My protection program is a simple guide for Safety professionals, highlighting the basic steps necessary to specify how to best protect workers. This starts with hazard assessment through to fabric specification and garment options to meet identified needs.

In our 50 years of experience, good enough has never been good enough.


Step-by-step guide to protect your workers against Electric Arc

Discover electric arc flash, its causes, consequences and methodology for managing the phenomenon, as well as how to specify the optimum PPE solutions to protect workers from potential injury.

Step-by-step guide to protect your workers against Electric Arc
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Step-by-step guide to protect your workers against Electric Arc