Outstanding protection against multiple hazards

At DuPont we always strive for better and with our latest Nomex® MHP fabric, we have created the best yet. This patented Nomex® fabric offers outstanding protection against heat & flame, electric arc and small molten metal splashes – in one durable and comfortable garment. Exceeding current standards in this category, it offers a top-performing alternative for FR Treated Cotton Blends and existing Modacrylic Blends.

Long-lasting comfort

With DuPont Nomex® MHP, there is no compromise between protection and comfort. When compared with other FR Treated Cotton or Blends, independent tests confirm that Nomex® MHP scores better on most comfort criteria including softness, suppleness and how thin the material feels.

Cost-effective and durable

The good news doesn’t stop there. Nomex® MHP has also set a new standard in wearlife costs - outperforming FR Treated Cotton and Modacrylic Blends with its lower shrinkage and high durability- it offers a long-term fit and superior garment appearance.

The results are in! View how Nomex®️ MHP performs against alternative fabrics for protection, durability, aesthetics, mechanical properties and value for money.

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