Specify The Fabric

How Nomex® compares with other FR fabrics

When preparing specifications, it is important to have enough choice to enable a balance between arc protection, lightweight comfort and lifetime cost. A broad range of special composition fabrics made with Nomex® is available for electric arc protective PPE, manufactured with state-of-the-art weaving and knitting technologies.

Light weight

Garment weight and fabric breathability are both key influences on wearer comfort. As fabrics made with Nomex® fibres are typically 30% lighter than FR garments made from other fibres, they provide greater protection against heat and flame, relative to their weight. Breathability (also known as air permeability) is a measure of air moving through a fabric and around the skin. This is an important comfort factor. Shrinkage due to washing reduces air permeability, so low-shrinkage fabrics such as Nomex® offer greater air permeability – and therefore comfort – throughout their entire life. In addition, typical Nomex® single-layer fabrics have the same moisture management properties as other FRT / cotton fabrics, further contributing to their comfort.

A Nomex® solution can be found for any climate conditions and all hazards.

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