What is EN ISO 11612 / EN ISO 11611?

ISO 11612:2015 (EN ISO 11612) Standard for Protective Clothing to protect against Heat and Flame

This International Standard provides minimum performance requirements for clothing used to protect the wearer’s body, excluding the hands, feet and head against heat and flame. This applies to clothing which could be worn for a wide range of end uses – where in addition to limited flame spread properties, protection is required against one of the following: exposure to radiant, convective or contact heat; or exposure to molten metal splashes (aluminium or iron). In addition to this broader Standard, there are others which refer to quite specific products or end uses.

For each of the hazards listed in this Standard, there are three performance levels which indicate if exposure is low, medium or high risk. There is also a fourth performance level to take into account for protection against extreme exposure to radiant heat. This level applies to high performance materials such as aluminized materials. Within ISO11612 there is an optional manikin flame engulfment test according to ISO 13506-1 or-2 with a minimum of 4 seconds exposure. To choose the right level of protection, a risk assessment should be conducted.

ISO 11611:2015 Standard for Protective Clothing for use in Welding and Allied processes

This Standard applies to clothing which is intended to protect the wearer against:

  • spatter (small splashes of molten metal) simulating various welding technologies
  • short contact time with flame
  • radiant heat from an electric arc used for welding and allied processes,
  • and that minimizes the possibility of electrical shock by short-term, accidental contact with live electrical conductors at voltages up to approximately 100 V d. c. in normal conditions of welding.

The ISO 11611 specifies minimum performance requirements for protective clothing designed to protect the wearer’s body, such as aprons, sleeves based on two classes that reflect exposure to two levels of splashes. It does not cover requirements for feet, hands, face, and/or eye protectors – specifications for these are detailed in other International Standards.

EN 14560:2018 Guidance for solution use, care and maintenance of protective clothing against heat and flame

This standard has been developed to accompany all the EN and most ISO standards relating to clothing to help the end user select the correct heat and flame clothing. It provides information on hazard and risk assessment, what information various heat and flame tests provide, as well as a summary of all the product clothing standard requirements.

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