Nomex® Safety for General Manufacturing industry

A fire needs three elements to start or spread - heat, oxygen and fuel. These elements are often present within manufacturing environments due to the materials and processes used. This can lead to greater risk of heat and flame hazards. For example, the automotive industry will naturally have an array of petrol, solvents, paints and engine oils on any given premises, all of which are highly flammable and present the most immediate and obvious fire hazard. Work such as welding and soldering might also be undertaken in such environments, requiring the use of heat emitting equipment or machinery, which can be a potential source of ignition. Dust build up, waste and other combustible materials, as well as the presence of electrical switchboards and equipment, can also be common place in manufacturing and can lead to fire hazard if not dealt with correctly. Hazard assessment and stringent controls are extremely important within manufacturing plants to ensure a safe working environment.

Hot work permit

Hot work is work that might generate sufficient heat, sparks or flame to cause a fire. In some instances companies might want to control hot work very closely. One way of doing this is to operate a permit system, sometimes called hot work permits. The purpose of this is to ensure that work such as welding and flame cutting cannot be undertaken until any potential risks are identified and measures are put in place to eliminate or control such risks. A permit would specify the work to be undertaken; any health and safety precautions that should be taken including PPE that must be worn; any key individuals responsible for checking it is safe to start and that the work has been carried out safely to completion.

Protection and comfort combined

FR clothing made with Nomex® offers proven protection against intense heat and flame, molten metal splashes and chemical splash, making it a safe option within any manufacturing environment. For barrier protection against hazardous chemical penetration, specially designed, laminated or coated Nomex® fabrics are also available.

FR clothing made with Nomex® features the lowest possible weight at the highest level of protection. This is particularly beneficial to those working in hot, humid environments which can sometimes lead to heat stress. The breathability and ability to effectively wick away moisture provides the wearer with optimal comfort. In turn this can reduce costs associated with heat-related illnesses and decreased productivity resulting from job stress due to worker discomfort.

And, because the heat and flame resistance is built into the Nomex® fiber—it can’t be washed out or worn away.