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What is Nomex®?

DuPont Nomex® is a heat and flame-resistant meta-aramid fiber used across a diverse range of applications – perhaps most commonly known as a key component in fabrics utilised to create protective apparel. Due to its unique combination of heat, flame and electric arc protection, durability and comfort, the Nomex® brand is trusted amongst those working in dangerous conditions such as firefighters; military pilots and combat vehicle crew; auto racing drivers, pit crew and track officials; and industrial workers at risk from flash fire and electric arc hazards.

Inherently flame resistant, Nomex® offers supreme strength and heat performance versus many other products on the market. It doesn’t melt, drip or support combustion in the air. A key factor in the protection provided by Nomex® is its ability to carbonize and thicken when exposed to intense heat. This typical reaction increases the protective barrier between the heat source and the wearer’s skin and minimizes burn injury. As the protection is engineered into the molecular structure of the Nomex® fiber (as opposed to chemical treatment), the heat and flame resistance will last the lifetime of the garment – the protection cannot be washed out or worn away.

Nomex®: A synthetic fiber for coverall, gloves, suits & more

Nomex® PPE garments are created using Nomex®-based fabric, stitched together with Nomex® thread, providing optimal protection for the wearer against multiple hazards. This includes items such as: coveralls, protective gloves, suits (multi-layer jackets and trousers), balaclavas, hoods, trousers, tops and underwear (non-melting).

Nomex® thermal protection portfolio

DuPont offers a range of thermal industrial fabric containing Nomex® fibers, to protect the wearer appropriately in different climates and working environments.

For ultimate lightweight and durable protection against heat and flame hazards, DuPont has engineered a gold standard offering:

  • Nomex® IIIA - dependable premium protection against hazards such as flash fire and pool fire. Helps minimize break-open and expands to form a stable and inert barrier between the fire and skin; giving wearers the valuable seconds they need to escape from a hazard.
  • Nomex® Comfort – trusted for heat and flame protection, exceeding international standards (EN ISO 11612); extreme durability; and for being the lightest possible weight. Absorbs much less moisture than cellulosic fibres such as cotton and viscose, so Nomex® Comfort garments dry much quicker, providing greater comfort to the worker. Low level shrinkage, outstanding UV resistance and high durability, the leading wear-life cost makes Nomex® Comfort garments an attractive all-rounder

When multi-hazard protection is required, a Nomex®-based solution can be found. At the very lightest weight, these fabrics are engineered to provide a very durable and high level of protection against the combined hazards of heat, flame and arc; in single layer and multilayer compound structures:

  • Ibena Arc 240 g/m2 – lightweight single layer and multilayer solution
  • Fritsche DPF performance195 g/m2 - lightweight single layer and multilayer solution
  • Fritsche DPF performance220 g/m2 - lightweight single layer solution for heavy industrial wear
  • Fritsche DPF power220 g/m2 - lightweight single layer solution for heavy industrial wear
  • Estambril e+ARC® - 220 g/m2 - lightweight single layer solution with high thermal protection

Looking to upgrade from cotton and modacryllic fabrics?

  • Nomex® MHP - delivers more durable multi-hazard protection compared to these alternatives, providing protection against heat & flame, arc flash and small molten metal splashes in hazardous industrial areas.

What are other uses of Nomex®?

The application of Nomex® is by no means limited to PPE. DuPont offer a complete portfolio of high-performance insulation solutions engineered for excellent performance and reliability. The DuPont line of Nomex® electrical insulation products includes papers and pressboards.

Nomex® honeycomb is a composite core material made Nomex® aramid fiber paper. It is widely used for numerous engineering and scientific applications across aerospace, construction, military, marine, sports, and automotive industries, due to its heat resistant properties, lightweight strength and durability, make it an ideal material widely used.